Politicians on Twitter are Pretty Great

Twitter is easily the best of all of the apps, save maybe Reddit. You can get anything you need. You got your news, you got your humor you got stupid people (me included, featured to the right), you got smart people, and of course, you have politics now. The best thing about politicians, is thatContinue reading “Politicians on Twitter are Pretty Great”

Impeachment, Space Force, and Boat Crashes

So, there was a cruise ship crash this weekend. There’s a video of it going around twitter currently, and that is crazy to me. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s the holidays, but there’s a lot of crazy shit going on. First off, how do boats crash? This has to mean that twoContinue reading “Impeachment, Space Force, and Boat Crashes”

Medal of Honor ft. Doggo

This is the pup we’ve all heard about the past couple days ago whose name is Top Secret for whatever reason. Now, we all know and respect what the Medal of Honor stands for etc. But people were kind of upset this morning about this picture being photo shopped, screaming out that it was fake.Continue reading “Medal of Honor ft. Doggo”