Here’s An Idea For All-star Games

Aren’t we all sick of all-star games? The pro bowl is boring. The home run derby is ridiculous. How can the dunk contest get any better? It has hit it’s ceiling. Hockey probably does something but who the fuck knows what they do. Here’s my idea. We get rid of all of the all-star gamesContinue reading “Here’s An Idea For All-star Games”

Good Luck, Bad Luck, or No Luck

Andrew Luck was scheduled to make 60 million dollars for the remaining portion of his contract. Instead, at the ripe age of 29, he retires from football. Maybe we’re supposed to be happy for him. I’m not sure. The fans certainly weren’t happy with him when he walked off the field yesterday. Let’s be realContinue reading “Good Luck, Bad Luck, or No Luck”

Fantasy Football is Back Baby

Anybody who knows me knows I’m a HUGE Carolina Panthers fan. Ever since about 3 weeks ago. Fantasy football is getting going again folks which I guess that means the NFL is starting again. I know this isn’t a fresh take or anything but fantasy has really changed the NFL. My favorite part is thatContinue reading “Fantasy Football is Back Baby”

Sports with Friends: Welcome to Fall

Written by: Iceberg Welcome to fall. The NFL is back and the great fucking pumpkin season of pumpkin beer, pumpkin picking and pumpkin spice lattes is upon us. But I am hear to talk about September’s forgotten soldier, formally known as the boys of summer. Yep, if you haven’t already guessed from my half madeContinue reading “Sports with Friends: Welcome to Fall”

Sports with Friends: Week 1

Here is week 1 of our new segment, Sports with Friends. Our first guest’s rant written by Dylan Rabidoux: Football changes people. Mostly for the better, unless you’re one of those anti-football people. In which case, I don’t understand you. It saves millions of people from depression as summer comes to an end. It givesContinue reading “Sports with Friends: Week 1”