Smile, Cause Shit Happens

I would love to start this off with saying that I’m usually a patient man and that I wouldn’t normally be upset by something so trivial, but that would make me a liar. A very impatient liar. I pride myself on the fact that I have patience for 40-50 hours per week; whatever the workContinue reading “Smile, Cause Shit Happens”

Do me a Favor, Don’t do me any Favors

There are certain things we do for other people that make it seem like we are trying to help, look like we are doing the right thing, or even trying to make things not as bad for ourselves. Some of these I’m going to discuss are often more selfish than selfless; make it worse ratherContinue reading “Do me a Favor, Don’t do me any Favors”

There’s a Storm Comin’ Harry

The world is changing folks. In the words of Ferris, “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.” As millennials take over the world and generation X and whoever comes after them starts taking over, the world will continue to get better or worseContinue reading “There’s a Storm Comin’ Harry”

Review: Always be my Maybe

I’m going to try a little something new here and give you guys a review of a movie or a pilot tv show each week. This week I’m going to start with the Netflix original film, Always be my Maybe. I’ll just start with an overall grade out of ten here using a decimal pointContinue reading “Review: Always be my Maybe”

Adorning an Apartment

For all of you who may not know, adorn means to decorate. I had to actually look that up recently. We’ve been setting up our apartment and trying to find pieces of furniture that are generally inexpensive and somewhat match. So far our theme looks like thrift shop theme. It can be expensive and frustrating.Continue reading “Adorning an Apartment”

What are you Drinking?

“What are you drinking?” she said to me as she smiled and walked up to me with the gleam of her braces breaking into my vision. We were at a party this weekend for the first time since I don’t know when and this girl walked up to me smiling, while I was standing aboutContinue reading “What are you Drinking?”

Hiatus, but we’re back BABY

So, I’ve taken a long break from writing this blog now to work on another project, which for better or for worse was not quite as fulfilling as writing these blogs. You live and you learn. Sometimes the apple isn’t always greener on the other side. For the past three years I’ve been on somewhatContinue reading “Hiatus, but we’re back BABY”

Teacher Appreciation Week

The New Year is coming soon. Every year goes faster and faster. It’s 2018 which means I have been out of high school for eight years. Eight damn years. I want to say it feels like yesterday but it really doesn’t anymore. College might feel like yesterday. Grad school definitely feels like yesterday. But highContinue reading “Teacher Appreciation Week”

What Did You Say to Me?

I find myself asking this question way too often throughout the week. One of my patients will ask me something absolutely outrageous. I work with a lot of dementia patients, so there are some outright outlandish things said throughout the day. Now some people may think it is coarse that I talk about these things,Continue reading “What Did You Say to Me?”

Pleasantries and Niceties

I was reading about Russian culture recently and apparently they don’t share our value for incessant niceties. They don’t appreciate the nice smiles, head nods, or small talk that Americans take part in everyday. So, why do we do it? In the past week I have said some form of greeting to different people onContinue reading “Pleasantries and Niceties”