Southern Hospitality

So, I had a friend come in to town this weekend and I wanted to take him to all of the best spots in downtown. You always hear about southern hospitality and how people down south are extremely welcoming. Its all a facade; these people just like pretending to be nice. Not everyone, obviously butContinue reading “Southern Hospitality”

Neighbors: Past, Present, and Future

Over the course of my lifetime, I have had a multitude and diverse group of neighbors. From childhood to now, I’ve had great neighbors, horrible neighbors, and downright bizarre neighbors who have all impacted my life. Mainly, these people have provided me with the opportunity to write about them in the past few years. I’mContinue reading “Neighbors: Past, Present, and Future”

I Thought People Only Videotaped Cops

I thought only cops would be videotaped doing their job. I’m not saying I would ever videotape a cop, because I certainly wouldn’t, but I’m aware that comes off as a privileged middle class thing to say. But, I was under the impression that people were sticking strictly to the police force for their videotaping needs. But, boy was I wrong.

What You Think Sug?

So, part of the accepted vernacular down in the south that I will most definitely be adding to my vocabulary is the word, sug, short for sugar. People just call each other sug in a sort of endearing way or instead of saying the word hun, sweetie, man or sir. “Hey how you doin’ sug?”Continue reading “What You Think Sug?”

What are you Drinking?

“What are you drinking?” she said to me as she smiled and walked up to me with the gleam of her braces breaking into my vision. We were at a party this weekend for the first time since I don’t know when and this girl walked up to me smiling, while I was standing aboutContinue reading “What are you Drinking?”

What Did You Say to Me?

I find myself asking this question way too often throughout the week. One of my patients will ask me something absolutely outrageous. I work with a lot of dementia patients, so there are some outright outlandish things said throughout the day. Now some people may think it is coarse that I talk about these things,Continue reading “What Did You Say to Me?”

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

What is the number one thing you look for in a good bar? Not a nice place or anything, but just your regular bar where you can drink heavily and not get judged, or go for that nightcap before you head home. What does that place need? For me, the TV sitcom, Cheers, really nailedContinue reading “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

A Grown Ass Leprechaun

I went out for drinks with Marisa and Effie last night (Effie is our dog, in case you missed that). We were sitting outside, just relaxing, having a beer. Unfortunately, Effie attracts large amounts of unwanted attention. You’d think we would want people to come up to us, being that we have no friends. But,Continue reading “A Grown Ass Leprechaun”

A Little Wining and Dining

Have you ever left a restaurant and thought “God, I wish I cared enough to write a yelp comment.” Well, here’s my yelp comment and yes I did post this exact post to their yelp. Mostly, because I really was upset, but also, this shit was the worst example of an “Italian” restaurant I’ve everContinue reading “A Little Wining and Dining”