Here’s An Idea For All-star Games

Aren’t we all sick of all-star games? The pro bowl is boring. The home run derby is ridiculous. How can the dunk contest get any better? It has hit it’s ceiling. Hockey probably does something but who the fuck knows what they do. Here’s my idea. We get rid of all of the all-star gamesContinue reading “Here’s An Idea For All-star Games”

Dyaltov Pass Incident…Your Cousin Vinny’s Theory.

Recently, on Mailtime, which is a podcast that was just restarted by KFC at Barstool, they talked about a conspiracy theory known as the Dyaltov Pass incident. To those of you who have never heard of this, listen to Mailtime because it’s a great podcast (episode 2, timestamp: 34:20). In 1959, nine hikers in Russia,Continue reading “Dyaltov Pass Incident…Your Cousin Vinny’s Theory.”

Are we no Longer Allowed to Leave Any Living Beings in a Car.

So, this guy, Chris Lee Dowdy, was arrested at the Home Depot near me yesterday. And before you get any ideas, no, he’s not a rapist. I know, you see a white guy in a mug shot, your mind goes right to something really fucked up, like child killer or rooster fucker. Not this guy,Continue reading “Are we no Longer Allowed to Leave Any Living Beings in a Car.”

Adorning an Apartment

For all of you who may not know, adorn means to decorate. I had to actually look that up recently. We’ve been setting up our apartment and trying to find pieces of furniture that are generally inexpensive and somewhat match. So far our theme looks like thrift shop theme. It can be expensive and frustrating.Continue reading “Adorning an Apartment”