Corona Virus and Feet Pics

Corona has been going off with some pretty great branding. Corona Beer: You’ll think you’ve died and went to heaven. Corona Virus: You’ll die and we’ll see about the heaven thing. Despite people dropping that stat that 38% of Americans say they won’t drink Corona now, they are lying. Corona reported sales are actually upContinue reading “Corona Virus and Feet Pics”

Kaitlin Bennett: The Girl With The Gun

So, guns right. Fun topic to talk about. Almost as fun as talking about abortion or Jesus Christ. Guns have all the buzz nowadays. Either you love them or you hate them. If you like guns, you also have to love dead kids. If you hate guns, you’re a liberal snowflake that has never putContinue reading “Kaitlin Bennett: The Girl With The Gun”

Florida Man Wrangles Cows On Highway 75

You always hear the jokes about Florida. Google Florida and your birthday or Florida is the armpit of America and rightfully so, but there are plenty of normal people down in Florida. My parents for instance. They live in Florida and they drove up to visit us this weekend. Unfortunately, on my parents ride up,Continue reading “Florida Man Wrangles Cows On Highway 75”

Craft Beer: A Dangerous Game

If you haven’t heard yet, craft beer is one of the most unsafe ways to party. Anything can happen. A Jenga block can fall on your toe, you can trip over your long curly mustache, or your beanie can squeeze your head too tight. But these “hops hipsters,” as the NY Post refers to them,Continue reading “Craft Beer: A Dangerous Game”

Julia Rose vs. Kelly Kay

Look, I know I’m just an idiot with a keyboard but IN MY OPINION, this girl fucked up big time. If you saw this video it kind of surfaced after the Superbowl. It was a video of a girl storming onto the field and eventually getting tackled and dragged off. But before she can manageContinue reading “Julia Rose vs. Kelly Kay”

Pastor Troy Makes His Case For Own Sterilization

Lil Nas X wore a pink cowboy suit to the Grammy’s recently and it really pissed off Pastor Troy. He was very offended and somehow thinks this ridiculous outfit has something to do with the award. This is what he thought in his head and then decided to write on the internet for other peopleContinue reading “Pastor Troy Makes His Case For Own Sterilization”

Are we no Longer Allowed to Leave Any Living Beings in a Car.

So, this guy, Chris Lee Dowdy, was arrested at the Home Depot near me yesterday. And before you get any ideas, no, he’s not a rapist. I know, you see a white guy in a mug shot, your mind goes right to something really fucked up, like child killer or rooster fucker. Not this guy,Continue reading “Are we no Longer Allowed to Leave Any Living Beings in a Car.”

Medal of Honor ft. Doggo

This is the pup we’ve all heard about the past couple days ago whose name is Top Secret for whatever reason. Now, we all know and respect what the Medal of Honor stands for etc. But people were kind of upset this morning about this picture being photo shopped, screaming out that it was fake.Continue reading “Medal of Honor ft. Doggo”

Twisted News Thursday

I write a lot about nothing. Mostly everything I write is nothing. Today, I decided to write about something more substantial. I’m adding a little bit of a news column to this blog. I’m going to take the most fucked up, ridiculous, and twisted piece of news and write how I feel about it. ThisContinue reading “Twisted News Thursday”