Monday Night Bachelor ft. Tequila

I just poured myself a shot of tequila as I’m sitting here waiting for The Bachelor to start and my wife questions me, “you’re just going to drink warm tequila?” I remind her that it’s not “warm” tequila, it’s called, “neat” tequila, which is a BIG difference. One makes me sound like a raging alcoholicContinue reading “Monday Night Bachelor ft. Tequila”

Make Your Bed Every Morning

So, have you ever been given the advice, to make your bed every morning. I think there is a whole book about it. I believe people say that it starts the day off with a small accomplishment that sort of snowballs into more accomplishments throughout the day. They even go as far as saying thatContinue reading “Make Your Bed Every Morning”

The Dog Chronicles

One day, my children are going to beg me for a dog. I know it because I did it for years. I wore my parents down until they finally spent time researching and eventually buying a dog that they thought would be great for our lifestyle. If you knew my family’s dog, you knew sheContinue reading “The Dog Chronicles”

Student Loan Crisis

So, I graduated college over 6 years ago now, luckily, with a degree I’m actually using. Some people aren’t as fortunate to be able to use the degree that they pay tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. As I was sitting here on this Sunday morning, scrolling through twitter, a push notification fromContinue reading “Student Loan Crisis”

Europe: What They’re Doing Better

So, to start, I’ve never really been out of the country as an adult. I went to Mexico twice when I was a kid and most of what I remember is driving around in a manual Jeep with my parents and eating rotisserie chicken from the supermarket because I wouldn’t eat Mexican food. I’ve alsoContinue reading “Europe: What They’re Doing Better”

Do me a Favor, Don’t do me any Favors

There are certain things we do for other people that make it seem like we are trying to help, look like we are doing the right thing, or even trying to make things not as bad for ourselves. Some of these I’m going to discuss are often more selfish than selfless; make it worse ratherContinue reading “Do me a Favor, Don’t do me any Favors”

Wedding Season

Recently, I went to my best friends’ wedding. It was supposed to be down in Punta Cana where I was prepared to vacation on the island, get some color and probably drink for 4 days straight while eating nothing but hamburgers and chicken fingers. Instead they moved it to Long Island, which doesn’t have theContinue reading “Wedding Season”

Adorning an Apartment

For all of you who may not know, adorn means to decorate. I had to actually look that up recently. We’ve been setting up our apartment and trying to find pieces of furniture that are generally inexpensive and somewhat match. So far our theme looks like thrift shop theme. It can be expensive and frustrating.Continue reading “Adorning an Apartment”

It’s the Most Basic Time of The Year

It’s that time of year again. Every basic bitch has a pumpkin spice latte, a punny caption featuring the season, and a picture with a pumpkin they obviously carved with a stencil and yet so slyly leave that detail out. People start busting out there terrible scary movies and cuddling up to shit themselves andContinue reading “It’s the Most Basic Time of The Year”

This Crazy Little Thing We Call Life

The other day I got a bill in the mail from the organization I get my certifications from for work. I wasn’t expecting to get a bill because I was told to pay $286. I had already paid this sum. They charged me another $225. They made me pay $511 just to get a pieceContinue reading “This Crazy Little Thing We Call Life”