But Who’s Really the Entitled One

So, I’m part of the people who were born in the early nineties, and I don’t really know if I’m a millennial or a 90’s kid. Neither group really wants me. I’m not cool enough to be a 90’s kid because really my memories don’t start until 1998 when my brother was born. I’m alsoContinue reading “But Who’s Really the Entitled One”

New Year's Eve

Some may call this night, amateur night. People aren’t enamored with New Year’s Eve as they used to be it seems. But me, on the other hand, I love this holiday. A good New Year’s Eve party?!? What’s better than that? Some king crab, champagne, tequila of course, there’s really nothing better. You get toContinue reading “New Year's Eve”

Twas the Night Before Christmas – By Your Cousin Vinny

As I write this blog the clock reads two, my heart races fast, is it Santa? Is it true? No, don’t be foolish, St. Nick came and gone, that’s just the tequila you were shooting at nine. My phone lights up blue, and I read the Fox news report: Santa seen flying over the park.Continue reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas – By Your Cousin Vinny”

Impeachment, Space Force, and Boat Crashes

So, there was a cruise ship crash this weekend. There’s a video of it going around twitter currently, and that is crazy to me. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s the holidays, but there’s a lot of crazy shit going on. First off, how do boats crash? This has to mean that twoContinue reading “Impeachment, Space Force, and Boat Crashes”

The Christmas Party

My family is at the stage of life where it no longer feels like Christmas. It’s that short period of time where the kids are old enough to make children, but they just haven’t done the deed yet. I got a Christmas tree sitting right in front of me and we’re in the final countdown,Continue reading “The Christmas Party”

The Dog Chronicles

One day, my children are going to beg me for a dog. I know it because I did it for years. I wore my parents down until they finally spent time researching and eventually buying a dog that they thought would be great for our lifestyle. If you knew my family’s dog, you knew sheContinue reading “The Dog Chronicles”

Student Loan Crisis

So, I graduated college over 6 years ago now, luckily, with a degree I’m actually using. Some people aren’t as fortunate to be able to use the degree that they pay tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. As I was sitting here on this Sunday morning, scrolling through twitter, a push notification fromContinue reading “Student Loan Crisis”

Decision Making 101

So, making decisions is a learned skill. Some people are better at it than others; just like some people can play baseball and some people can’t. It’s something you have to practice at, over and over again. Otherwise, you’ll sit on your couch deciding where you’re going to eat for longer than you’d actually sitContinue reading “Decision Making 101”

Southern Hospitality

So, I had a friend come in to town this weekend and I wanted to take him to all of the best spots in downtown. You always hear about southern hospitality and how people down south are extremely welcoming. Its all a facade; these people just like pretending to be nice. Not everyone, obviously butContinue reading “Southern Hospitality”

Neighbors: Past, Present, and Future

Over the course of my lifetime, I have had a multitude and diverse group of neighbors. From childhood to now, I’ve had great neighbors, horrible neighbors, and downright bizarre neighbors who have all impacted my life. Mainly, these people have provided me with the opportunity to write about them in the past few years. I’mContinue reading “Neighbors: Past, Present, and Future”