The Poor Poor Mets

I’m a huge Yankee fan. I’m not a baseball expert by any means but I watch a lot of Yankees baseball. There’s nothing like sitting down watching 2 innings of summer baseball and then waking up and catching the bombers come alive in 7, 8, and 9. But the Mets, for years, have been struggling.Continue reading “The Poor Poor Mets”

Julia Rose vs. Kelly Kay

Look, I know I’m just an idiot with a keyboard but IN MY OPINION, this girl fucked up big time. If you saw this video it kind of surfaced after the Superbowl. It was a video of a girl storming onto the field and eventually getting tackled and dragged off. But before she can manageContinue reading “Julia Rose vs. Kelly Kay”

A Hundred Million People Will Watch the Superbowl Today, What Will The Other Two Hundred Million Be Doing?

I had a friend tell me the other day that he is not a Superbowl guy. Honestly, that surprised me because I felt like that’s like saying, “yeah, I’m not a Christmas guy,” and even my Jewish friends celebrate Christmas. Not because it’s a religious holiday or anything, but because in America, it’s a dayContinue reading “A Hundred Million People Will Watch the Superbowl Today, What Will The Other Two Hundred Million Be Doing?”

Pastor Troy Makes His Case For Own Sterilization

Lil Nas X wore a pink cowboy suit to the Grammy’s recently and it really pissed off Pastor Troy. He was very offended and somehow thinks this ridiculous outfit has something to do with the award. This is what he thought in his head and then decided to write on the internet for other peopleContinue reading “Pastor Troy Makes His Case For Own Sterilization”

Dyaltov Pass Incident…Your Cousin Vinny's Theory.

Recently, on Mailtime, which is a podcast that was just restarted by KFC at Barstool, they talked about a conspiracy theory known as the Dyaltov Pass incident. To those of you who have never heard of this, listen to Mailtime because it’s a great podcast (episode 2, timestamp: 34:20). In 1959, nine hikers in Russia,Continue reading “Dyaltov Pass Incident…Your Cousin Vinny's Theory.”

Are we no Longer Allowed to Leave Any Living Beings in a Car.

So, this guy, Chris Lee Dowdy, was arrested at the Home Depot near me yesterday. And before you get any ideas, no, he’s not a rapist. I know, you see a white guy in a mug shot, your mind goes right to something really fucked up, like child killer or rooster fucker. Not this guy,Continue reading “Are we no Longer Allowed to Leave Any Living Beings in a Car.”

Politicians on Twitter are Pretty Great

Twitter is easily the best of all of the apps, save maybe Reddit. You can get anything you need. You got your news, you got your humor you got stupid people (me included, featured to the right), you got smart people, and of course, you have politics now. The best thing about politicians, is thatContinue reading “Politicians on Twitter are Pretty Great”

Don’t Do Me Like That

So, the story I’m going to tell you is probably entirely too sad for this website, but hey, I have to deal with this shit every day, so you people can suffer for thirty seconds if you bother reading it. It’s not SAD sad. It’s not like when you watch a basketball player destroy theirContinue reading “Don’t Do Me Like That”

Make Your Bed Every Morning

So, have you ever been given the advice, to make your bed every morning. I think there is a whole book about it. I believe people say that it starts the day off with a small accomplishment that sort of snowballs into more accomplishments throughout the day. They even go as far as saying thatContinue reading “Make Your Bed Every Morning”