Major League Baseball: Cheating is Okay, Gambling is Not

This is a direct quote from Major League Baseball. Right out of the commissioner’s stupid mouth. Look, I’m of the camp that you do whatever you do to win the game. If there is any possible competitive advantage my team can have, I want them to have it. Cheating is only bad if you getContinue reading “Major League Baseball: Cheating is Okay, Gambling is Not”

Valentine’s Day

So, this year is my first Valentine’s Day as a married man, and I invited my parents to stay with us for the weekend. I know, sounds like a real dumb shit move. But it was just a coincidence really, and we likely would have ate sushi and ice cream on the couch anyway. PeopleContinue reading “Valentine’s Day”

Rebecca Black is BACK

And she didn’t even come back on a Friday. Poor marketing for someone who marketed one of the greatest songs of the 10’s. Friday was almost at the Call Me Maybe type of hype. Today, she rejoined Twitter, and I really hope that means she’s about to make a come back. Do you remember thisContinue reading “Rebecca Black is BACK”

Monday Night Bachelor ft. Tequila

I just poured myself a shot of tequila as I’m sitting here waiting for The Bachelor to start and my wife questions me, “you’re just going to drink warm tequila?” I remind her that it’s not “warm” tequila, it’s called, “neat” tequila, which is a BIG difference. One makes me sound like a raging alcoholicContinue reading “Monday Night Bachelor ft. Tequila”

Craft Beer: A Dangerous Game

If you haven’t heard yet, craft beer is one of the most unsafe ways to party. Anything can happen. A Jenga block can fall on your toe, you can trip over your long curly mustache, or your beanie can squeeze your head too tight. But these “hops hipsters,” as the NY Post refers to them,Continue reading “Craft Beer: A Dangerous Game”

In Honor of the Oscars, Here is my Top Ten Comedies of the Post-2000 Era

I know lists are the cheapest form of blogs, but a group of my friends were having this argument recently and I know that some of these movies may not touch people’s top ten. But this me in my rawest form. Here’s what my favorites are, along with my favorite quote from each movie. TruthContinue reading “In Honor of the Oscars, Here is my Top Ten Comedies of the Post-2000 Era”

The Poor Poor Mets

I’m a huge Yankee fan. I’m not a baseball expert by any means but I watch a lot of Yankees baseball. There’s nothing like sitting down watching 2 innings of summer baseball and then waking up and catching the bombers come alive in 7, 8, and 9. But the Mets, for years, have been struggling.Continue reading “The Poor Poor Mets”

Julia Rose vs. Kelly Kay

Look, I know I’m just an idiot with a keyboard but IN MY OPINION, this girl fucked up big time. If you saw this video it kind of surfaced after the Superbowl. It was a video of a girl storming onto the field and eventually getting tackled and dragged off. But before she can manageContinue reading “Julia Rose vs. Kelly Kay”

A Hundred Million People Will Watch the Superbowl Today, What Will The Other Two Hundred Million Be Doing?

I had a friend tell me the other day that he is not a Superbowl guy. Honestly, that surprised me because I felt like that’s like saying, “yeah, I’m not a Christmas guy,” and even my Jewish friends celebrate Christmas. Not because it’s a religious holiday or anything, but because in America, it’s a dayContinue reading “A Hundred Million People Will Watch the Superbowl Today, What Will The Other Two Hundred Million Be Doing?”

Pastor Troy Makes His Case For Own Sterilization

Lil Nas X wore a pink cowboy suit to the Grammy’s recently and it really pissed off Pastor Troy. He was very offended and somehow thinks this ridiculous outfit has something to do with the award. This is what he thought in his head and then decided to write on the internet for other peopleContinue reading “Pastor Troy Makes His Case For Own Sterilization”