So, you learned how to make sauce. You’re not pouring it out of a jar anymore. But now what the hell are you gonna put in your sauce. If you’re not in New York or you don’t have a good butcher, you’re probably not getting any good sausage. You’re going to have to learn how to make some meatballs. This recipe makes 20 meatballs.


// 2 Lbs of ground beef 80% lean // 1/2 cup of whole milk // 1-2 cups of bread crumbs // 1 Tbsp of garlic powder // 1/2 Tbsp of salt // 1/2 Tbsp of black pepper // 1/2 cup of chopped parsley // 1 egg // 2 Tbsp of oil // pot of sauce (preferably homemade)

  1. Put your meat in a large mixing bowl. Put all ingredients in a bowl except your bread crumb. Mix with your hands carefully, and don’t over work the meat. Add 1 cup of bread crumb and mix in, if the meat feels wet or too sticky, slowly add more bread crumb until the texture is malleable and easily able to be rolled into a ball.
  2. Roll your meat into balls (hence meatballs)
  3. Bring your pot of sauce to a low simmer.
  4. While your sauce is coming to a low simmer, in a medium frying pan, cover the pan with a layer of oil, and bring to a medium-high heat. You’re not going to cook the meatballs in the frying pan, you are just going to brown the outside.
  5. After you brown the meatballs, you are going place them in the sauce and let them cook on a low simmer for 2-3 hours.
  6. After 3 hours, take your sauce off the burner and serve over pasta, in a meatball sub, or just eat em.

What’s a sauce without meat? Not a sauce that I’m eating. Unless of course it has fish. I could do a nice mussels fra diavalo, but we’re getting of track. Make my meatballs, you won’t be disappointed.

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I'm just a guy, who really is trying to figure out what the move is.

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