Alright, Desert Island, You Can Only Watch One TV Show Ever Again, Go.

So, my friend said today that if she could only watch one TV show ever again she would choose Impractical Jokers. While I don’t necessarily agree with this choice, I think this posed an absolutely great question. TV shows are the new movies. You got cable TV shows, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Apple TV, Pornhub, Youtube, you get it.

So, there are several factors you have to take into account here. You can pick a TV show that is still running or a TV show that has ended. So, for example I can pick Seinfeld, and watch Seinfeld all day long everyday. Or I can pick a show that is still currently on, such as the Bachelor and be able to watch all of the old episodes and anything that comes out in the future.

You can pick a show that has a story line vs. a show that has a new theme every week. You can pick a show that has 27 seasons or you can pick your favorite show which may only have 5.

Now, it’s not really desert island, you’re still living in this horrifying universe unfortunately. So, you’ll be around people who can talk about shows that are on. So, for me I’m taking that into account.

Do you want to go out, flaming on a high, watching the next big show that comes out and possibly getting fucked because they cancel the show season 2? Are you going to pick your favorite show and totally ruin it (even though I know there is no way I can ruin Seinfeld)? Or do you pick something like Jeopardy? A show that will be on every night until the end of time.

There’s really a lot to think about. I originally thought I would pick Law and Order SVU, but now that I had more time, that show is the same, over and over and over again. I would have to go a different route. I mean, I want my answer to be Seinfeld, I really do. But, do I need more substance than that? No, of course not, but if for the the rest of my life I only get to watch this one singular show the answer is not that easy. But I have to go with something that is on. Something that will be relevant to today. Nevermind, Fuck it. I pick Seinfeld.

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