Here’s An Idea For All-star Games

Aren’t we all sick of all-star games? The pro bowl is boring. The home run derby is ridiculous. How can the dunk contest get any better? It has hit it’s ceiling. Hockey probably does something but who the fuck knows what they do.

Here’s my idea. We get rid of all of the all-star games for all of the sports. We bring in the best athletes from men and women’s sports, basketball, baseball, softball, football, etc. We don’t play any of those games. We make them do a “National Olympics.” I’m talking long jumps, foot races, shot-put. We’ll have curling, team handball, and pickle ball.

Now, you have the best athletes in the country all in one place for a week. You do something like this. Everyone will tune in to this. Twitter will be jumping. You have an Olympic village type shit. People will be partying, playing sports, doing what adults do.

Here’s when we do it. We shorten MLB season by 12 games and bring it down to 150. That gives us from July 13, 2020 through July 24, 2020, and we do it when the MLB all-star game is supposed to be. That’s plenty of time for a small version of the Olympics.

Don’t tell me that these guys can’t take a week off either. It’s one week. Let’s make a change.

Think about a guy like Nick Bosa doing the pole vault. Tyreek Hill racing Victor Robles. LeBron James shotputting against Zdeno Chara. Zion Williamson. On Ice. Curling.

This could be as watched as the fucking Superbowl. It’s just a thought, but it’s a God Damn GENIUS idea. This is what we should want from major league sports. Entertain us.

You would get baseball fans starting to like basketball players. Football fans being fans of hockey players. It would create bigger fan bases for all sports.

The amount of money that it could draw could all go to charity, for I don’t know, global fucking warming. Or maybe they could put it towards the national crisis of crushing student loan debt.

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