The Guy Punching the Plane Seat Who Eerily Looks Like Me

If you haven’t seen this video yet, I promise it’s not me. Although, the resemblance is absolutely striking and it probably does look like something I do. But I’m not the kind of person who will be actively aggressive. I would say I’m more passive aggressive. But anyway, here is the video.

Look, I’m 5’5. So, I may be speaking above my pay grade here. If the plane allows you to recline, then you recline. If you’re the idiot who paid for the “basic” seat and you don’t get to choose, then your shit out of luck man. I don’t care if you 7 ft tall. But if you were, and you just said to me, “hey man, I’m really tall can you please not recline? That would really suck for me,” I would be okay with this. Would I talk a ton of shit about you when I land? Yes, of course. But I wouldn’t fucking make you suffer.

If you punched my seat like this, I would end your life. Even if you were my doppleganger. I sort of feel like we’re not getting the full story from Karen sitting in front of him either. Maybe he was 100% the asshole here, but was there nothing that happened before this? I question that.

I will always recline my seat, unless someone asks me not to. Then I will consider the factors and make my decision from there. I’ve sat in the back seat of the airplane. It’s not that bad. I’ve actually been able to lay and sleep in the kitchen of the airplane on 1 occasions. Although, that was because I passed out walking to the bathroom and they were going to have to land the bitch to take me to the hospital. I woke up after passing out and the first thing I asked was, “did I shit myself?” Luckily, I hadn’t.

Recline your seat. Don’t recline your seat. I don’t give a shit. You go your whole life being short and one of the few benefits is that airplanes aren’t that uncomfortable. So, tall people, fuck off on this one. Also, part of Jose Altuve’s punishment should be that he is never allowed to recline again, even though he is part of the short people club, membership pending.

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