Rebecca Black is BACK

And she didn’t even come back on a Friday. Poor marketing for someone who marketed one of the greatest songs of the 10’s. Friday was almost at the Call Me Maybe type of hype. Today, she rejoined Twitter, and I really hope that means she’s about to make a come back.


Do you remember this face? For me this was the face on the TV as my seven roommates and I drank $10 handles of vodka mixed with sprite, while all simultaneously developing hives from the cheap alcohol. I swear to god my roommate played this song every Friday on repeat for like 3 months straight.

I figured that this girl would blow up, write a couple pop songs, secure the bag and be out. But it really was a one hit wonder until now. And yes, it absolutely is a hit. Now I come to find out her school mates having been ragging on her. I can’t imagine going back to middle school or high school. This girl was straight up bullied for being more successful and more rich, than her whole class combined. This is what she wrote on Twitter today.

I mean yeah, I guess it is weird to disappear for 9 years and then pop up out of fucking no where. I’m with it though. I haven’t heard a catchy song since Despacito came out and I think this girl is going to give it to us, or at least I hope she does.

Anyway, she had an absolute glow up. Plus, she has a pair of boobs hanging on her wall. Boob art is great. Not many people get away with hanging up a pair at their house. I tried, trust me. Also, cute dog, I hope it’s name is Friday.

Get it QUEEN.

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