Craft Beer: A Dangerous Game

If you haven’t heard yet, craft beer is one of the most unsafe ways to party. Anything can happen. A Jenga block can fall on your toe, you can trip over your long curly mustache, or your beanie can squeeze your head too tight. But these “hops hipsters,” as the NY Post refers to them, found out how dangerous drinking beer can be.

Friday night, outside of Other Half Brewing Company in Brooklyn, there was a disturbance. There was a long line of people waiting to get a newly released beer, when a man came down from his Airbnb to fuck with everyone. Making fun of them for the handlebar mustaches and fascination with overpriced beer.

After an argument, the man and his girlfriend return to the apartment. He comes back down a few moments later with a White Claw.

Imagine making fun of people for being on the craft beer bandwagon when you’re on the White Claw bandwagon. This guy hasn’t even upgraded to bud light seltzers yet. He’s out he drinking mango seltzer making fun of people waiting on line for their bananaversary beer. Headline: Man Drinking Mango Spritzer Gets Upset With Banana Beer Lovers.

Well, he gets so upset that he throws his White Claw, wasting half a drink, and then threatens with, “ok, how about if I put a Glock in your mouth?”

This is New York so I’m not sure why nobody took him seriously, because the man did emerge from his garbage hole Airbnb toting a Glock 19, waving it around at everyone.

One witness said, “we deescalated the situation and he went back inside.” This guys emotions are all over the board. At one point, he’s so mad at the these Chocolate Stout tasting folks, that he brings out a gun, but within a few minutes the crowd is able to calm him down. The weirdest part to me is that these people wanted their beer so badly, that they negotiated with this gun wielding psycho so that they could continue waiting online, and convinced him to go back up to his Airbnb and wait for the police.

This story just comes off as completely fake to me but apparently, it really happened. People really love beer and are willing to look down the barrel of a gun to get their Bourbon Barrel Aged suds.

I guess when you really love something, you’ll do anything to get it.

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