Julia Rose vs. Kelly Kay

Look, I know I’m just an idiot with a keyboard but IN MY OPINION, this girl fucked up big time. If you saw this video it kind of surfaced after the Superbowl. It was a video of a girl storming onto the field and eventually getting tackled and dragged off. But before she can manage to get dragged off, she tries hiking up her dress to I guess, get some clout. It wasn’t a good look.

This woman is Kelly Kay. She is an Instagram model. I guess the plan was that if she got some free advertising from the NFL, she’d get more followers. The IG model field of work is really great. Everyone benefits, but this is not how to build it the followers.

Now, when we look back at Julia Rose, World Series Flasher, we see how it’s actually done. Subtlety. GRACE. But, this Kelly Kay has no grace and no subtlety as she gets traipsed across the field giving herself a wedgie.

No Kelly. NO GRACE.

But, what we saw at the 2019 World Series. That was grace. It was subtle. All of a sudden it was like, “woah, wait a second, was that a titty?” And then you realize it was a couple of titties. Not just one. Not two. Not red. Not blue. No, four titties.

What we love about Julia Rose is that she didn’t get dragged off the field. It was something that you almost didn’t believe when it happened. Most people didn’t notice it. There was only one friend watching who says, “yo, did you see that boob?” Nobody believed him.

Then when the MLB banned her people were upset. When Kelly gets banned from the NFL people will be like…

This is why some businesses fail and some don’t though. Some people just “get it.” It’s intrinsic. I feel bad for this woman in a sense because she’s like, “Julia Rose risked it all and she came out on top.” But see, that’s not what actually happened. Julia made an extremely calculated move, that, yes, involved her flashing America, but was perfectly plotted. Julia Rose is a beautiful girl, with great boobs, but, she has an even bigger brain. Jumping on to the field during the Superbowl, the most watched sporting event in America, and getting tackled by cops isn’t the move of a person with a big brain. It didn’t look good. Like objectively, it wasn’t sexy. Julia Rose on the other hand, well, you know…

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