Are we no Longer Allowed to Leave Any Living Beings in a Car.

So, this guy, Chris Lee Dowdy, was arrested at the Home Depot near me yesterday. And before you get any ideas, no, he’s not a rapist. I know, you see a white guy in a mug shot, your mind goes right to something really fucked up, like child killer or rooster fucker. Not this guy, no. Chris here left his 2 kids in the car for 10 minutes.

Look, I’m not a parent. I do own a dog though (I know that’s not the same). But what is an appropriate time to leave a kid in a car on a day when it’s 50 degrees outside. I’ll tell you right now, my parents definitely let me stay in the car when I was a kid. I leave my dog in the car if I run in somewhere quick and the weather is cool. Ten minutes would be a maximum, even for my dog though.

I think because the kids were three years old maybe that’s the fucked up part. But he was in the store for ten minutes. I’m surprised Karen, didn’t break the window to help the kids breathe when she called the cops.

Let’s look at what is wrong here. Okay, it’s a home depot, so maybe he can’t see his kids out the window, like if he was running into a pizza place or something. Maybe ten minutes is a little long too. But other than that, I give this guy a warning.

He’s not a bad, guy he can’t be. He left the window cracked, it wasn’t a hot day, and he’s a divorced parent who was probably trying to work on a quick project while taking care of two kids and just thought it would be okay. This man writes a fucking parenting blog for crying out loud ( In one of his blogs he calls himself a ‘Brene Brown fanboy.’

I have to give this guy a pass. Now, I don’t know if there is any past history of neglect or anything, so barring any previous arrests, rooster fuckings, or kid diddling, which weren’t reported in the articles I read about this, I think we can give this poor guy a fucking warning. Also, Chris, I know you cut your own hair, but just do it different next time because if they don’t put a headline near your picture, that’s got sex offender written all over it dude. #freechrisdowdy

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