But Who’s Really the Entitled One

So, I’m part of the people who were born in the early nineties, and I don’t really know if I’m a millennial or a 90’s kid. Neither group really wants me. I’m not cool enough to be a 90’s kid because really my memories don’t start until 1998 when my brother was born. I’m also not really a millennial because I grew up without a cellphone and I think that says enough right there. But I don’t know, who really gives a shit anyway, because we’re all fucked.

People always talk about how my generation is entitled. Entitled to what? I don’t know, because I literally own nothing. But this generation is always stereotyped as that. Really, I think the older generation always think they are better than the younger generation. That’s just how it’s been forever.

I had an experience with an older man the other day, and he treated me like I was a moron. He doesn’t know me either so there’s no way he knew I was a moron already, unless someone told him.

This man took one look at my face and he says, “your president ain’t my president.” I had to ask him to repeat it because I really didn’t get it the first time. He says it a couple more times and then I realized what he meant. He says, “look at your face, I can tell you voted for that man.” Are we kidding here guy, one look at my face and you know who I voted for. What kind of ridiculous shit is that?

So, I responded, “you have no idea who I voted for, and we’re not about to do a political argument here.” I stave off his attempts to continue the argument and he begins to ask me if I have kids. “No not yet,” I tell him.

He tells me I’m too old to start having kids now. Keep in mind, this is a stranger to me. I just met this man. He does not know how old I am. I continue to engage, probably because I AM a moron and I tell him I’m 27. He asks, “how long do you think you can have kids?”

I tell him, “biologically? As long as this thing still works.”

He finally cracks a smile. He knows he’s being an ass now and he knows I’m not going to kneel to his bullshit. Finally, he tells me I don’t know anything about suffering or hard work. Honestly, no I’ve never suffered but I work hard every day to help people LIKE HIM, and as I’m trying to help him he acts like a dick. Whatever. He then asks me, “how long you wanna live for boy?”

How long do I want to live for? What kind of question is that? I give him the very obvious answer and reply, ” forever, what do you mean how long I want to live for?”

This broke his old man nasty spirit and he finally laughed. He couldn’t be the mean old man any more and that’s how I deal with all mean people. I just am relentless with sarcasm, dad jokes and general ridiculousness until they fold.

But I couldn’t help but think that this guy was the entitled guy. I truly think we’re all “entitled” to feel however we want, however soft that may seem. No, I don’t think I’m entitled to have the best job, best salary, or deserve more than anyone else, but just because this guy is older than me doesn’t me he gets to tell me what I AM entitled to. That is very entitled in itself, to think that you know, based on one interaction with someone, what someone deserves.

Everyone thinks they are smarter than the next guy. And the problem is, we’re all a bunch of idiots. So, who’s really entitled? I think we all are a little bit. Maybe some more than others. But I know one thing for sure, just age alone does not increase intelligence. Young people, old people, every group has plenty of idiots.

Published by Your Cousin Vinny

I'm just a guy, who really is trying to figure out what the move is.

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