Impeachment, Space Force, and Boat Crashes

So, there was a cruise ship crash this weekend. There’s a video of it going around twitter currently, and that is crazy to me. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s the holidays, but there’s a lot of crazy shit going on.

First off, how do boats crash? This has to mean that two captains were simultaneously not paying attention to sonar. I implore my friends who have been on ships to explain to me how this is possible. I understand there’s no brakes on boats but maybe you see this boat coming from a mile away and call him up and say, “hey man, imma go real fast, you go real slow, this way we don’t ruin vacation for all of these people. I mean granted, nowadays, people probably loved being on this boat. You know Karen wanted to speak with the captain as soon as they started preparing the passengers for the crash.

Then, this week, we have had our president get impeached, or maybe he’s #notyourpresident, but either way Alec Baldwin has been impeached. Donald Trump, I mean, they look so damn similar. Either way, he was impeached. After he was impeached, twitter kind of exploded but not in the way you’d expect. People weren’t necessarily fighting about whether he should or shouldn’t have been impeached. On one hand you had people who must’ve not finished U.S. History in high school thinking that he’s not the president anymore. On the other side you had the know-it-alls saying, “impeachment doesn’t mean removal from office, what are you an idiot?”

I’d rather have a few people not understand impeachment because it’s the most ridiculous process ever created. It’s not like the know-it-alls actually understand the process, they just remember that small piece of information that was probably a yes-or-no extra point question at the end of their U.S. History test.

Can you imagine that all the Democrats in the house voted for impeachment and all the Republicans voted the opposite? And I’m sure it will be the same when the vote goes to the Senate. Look, I’m not trying to state my political opinion here. Impeached or not impeached, it’s really not the point I’m making. The point is, we vote for “the House” and “the Senate” to represent us and they all vote one way, whatever the rest of the party is doing. Every Democrat and every Republican having the exact same opinion and voting the same way – whether it be out of fear, a favor, or just not wanting to be on the wrong side of the vote – is a very scary thing.

I form my political opinions off of what different politicians say, maybe because I’m not well-versed politically, but still, how could some Democrats not think, eh I don’t think he should be impeached, or maybe a Republican throws in the impeached vote. We have sheep representing us and this is the first time I’ve realized how stupid it is. Maybe, it’s because it’s the first time I’ve really watched the votes or watched a process like this. Either way, the Space Force bill was signed on Friday and I can’t wait to see what in the FUCK that is.

Space Force, they really couldn’t have come up with a different name than Space Force. That sound like a comic book from the 70’s. And like how do you join the Space Force? Is it as simple as deciding to join the Army or the Marines? Do you just go to the recruiter and they sign you up?

I’m a little nervous about this because it was a $738 billion dollar price tag and that tells me that Trump knows something that I don’t know. They’re out there man… Maybe they didn’t build the pyramids or waste their time on crop circles but somebody better call up Joaquin Phoenix and get him on the Force because I bet you we have an Alien war some time soon.

We need to sign up him, Will Smith, Cousin Eddy, Barf (half man, half dog) and do we have Predator somewhere – or is that guy fake, I forget? I don’t think you create a Space Force unless there is an impending doom.

Space Force sounds like the type of deal that gets created after the problem happens. Like oh fuck, an Alien? Maybe we should prepare for this. I can’t wait to see where this goes. But hey at least they changed the legal smoking age to 21. That will DEFINITELY do big things. What EVER will Brad, 19, do, to get his hands on his mango juul. Puff away, Brad puff away, because times are changing.

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