I Thought People Only Videotaped Cops

So, yep. It finally happened. I thought only cops would be videotaped doing their job. I’m not saying I would ever videotape a cop, because I certainly fucking wouldn’t, but I’m aware that comes off as a privileged middle class thing to say. But, I was under the impression that people were sticking strictly to the police force for their videotaping needs. But, boy was I wrong.

I’m standing there trying to do my job, which is help a person who has had a stroke re-learn how to swallow. It can be pretty sticky business because of pneumonia, choking, etc. etc. Not the point. It’s a medical place of work. Where do we draw the line? I have to sit here and try to do my job the best way I can and here is some lady sitting out with a camera like my life is real life Black Mirror episode.

I’m sitting there, helping this woman’s family member and she asks me, “Am I in your way?”

I responded, “of course not, you’re more than welcome to stay,” because I want her to learn and understand what’s going on with her dad. Most doctors don’t do that these days. They don’t want to talk to anyone but as a simple therapist, I try to give a little extra effort.

This woman takes me inviting her to stay, as an open invitation to whip her phone out, flash and everything, and begin videotaping me. At least turn the fucking flash off you psychopath. She doesn’t ask if she can videotape. She doesn’t bother with that. Just holds it up about a foot in a half from me, light shining and distracting this guy I’m TRYING to treat. LADY, GET A GRIP.

I work for a private company. I shouldn’t be subjected to being on video, if I don’t want to be, just like anyone can choose whether or not they want to be treated by me. Now if my company decides it’s allowed, then I guess I have to be okay with it, but we don’t even have a policy on it. Whatever, if you want to claim that police work based on the tax dollars you pay, then that’s your opinion. A shitty one, but hey we’re all entitled to our own, however ridiculous. I told my boss and barely got a response, just a laugh about how that’s uncomfortable.

I might be up on someone’s Facebook right now, treating a patient. Obviously, I didn’t do or say anything I wouldn’t have normally done or said. I didn’t even say anything about the camera, I just ignored it. Later on that night, while I was in the shower, I did the classic, re-live the experience and say what you should’ve said but alone in the shower. I re-did the whole scenario where I made my point to my boss and came up with all my comebacks. But that’s not real life. Maybe outside my job I go ‘George Costanza’ on people and get a little nuts on people.

What are we fucking kidding though? If you’re going to record me at least tell me why. Is it because you want to learn? Is it because you want to figure out a way to sue the company? Is it because you think my tractor’s sexy? Let ya man know why he’s on camera. With careful thought over the past two days, I’ve decided I won’t treat someone on video without my permission again, which should be obvious, but I was just fucking shocked. I was at a loss for words, which for me, is not normal.

In a world where anything can be taken out of context, you can take a 30 second clip out of the video and maybe I look like I’m a terrible therapist. I’m not concerned because I don’t really give a fuck, worse case scenario, I blog full-time right? Probably not since I’ve consistently had the same readers since I started writing this a little over 3 years ago, and the same 3 people share the blog to the same friends I’m sharing it to. Doesn’t help much for growth. But I don’t write for the masses. I write for the little guy, the fat guys and the 25% of my readers which are probably blood-related to me.

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