Medal of Honor ft. Doggo

This is the pup we’ve all heard about the past couple days ago whose name is Top Secret for whatever reason. Now, we all know and respect what the Medal of Honor stands for etc. But people were kind of upset this morning about this picture being photo shopped, screaming out that it was fake.

This picture looks about as real as Scarlett Reid’s titties (if you don’t know who I am talking about, do a little google search).

Reporters were contacting the White House to comment on whether or not this was a real photo or if it was photo shopped. I mean in what world is this picture not, obviously photo shopped. Are we fucking kidding? It looks as photo shopped as Kim Kardashian popping a bottle of champagne on to her ass. The daily wire sent it to Trump via Instagram people. It is literally the same image from the previous photo that was released of the dog who helped find Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (yes, I looked up the spelling of this psychopath’s name).

The only guy that can be upset about this is maybe the one who they photo shopped the dog over and THAT GUY wasn’t even mad. Give this doggo a break it’s not his fault. This guy just wants a scooby snack. He’s the real life ScoobyDoo, solving mysteries and fighting crime. Hopefully, this guy comes back and gets to retire and doesn’t have to go back to a desert. Give this pup a box of milkbones and a raw hide and bring our boy home!

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