Good Luck, Bad Luck, or No Luck

Andrew Luck was scheduled to make 60 million dollars for the remaining portion of his contract. Instead, at the ripe age of 29, he retires from football. Maybe we’re supposed to be happy for him. I’m not sure. The fans certainly weren’t happy with him when he walked off the field yesterday.

Let’s be real here, nobody likes a quitter. It’s not a good quality in anyone. Maybe this guy had his reasons. So, let’s look past that. It would almost be worse if he quit playing a college team or a high school team because there wouldn’t be any money involved.

What really gets me is that he quits his job because he doesn’t like it anymore. This guy is playing the most exciting sport ever created. One of the greatest games ever played, and he played it at the highest level. A tremendous contract that would allow his family to be set forever. I’m sure he doesn’t need the money. And if the reason he quit was because he “didn’t need the money anymore,” I would be more okay with that.

I’m not okay with this guy saying that he’s quitting because his love of the game has been ruined. Hey Drew! 99% of the country goes to work every day, without the “love of the game” and do it for a hell of a lot less money. So, no I’m not okay with this. Fuck this guy and fuck that I’m going to have to listen to them talk about him the next ten years on whether or not he will retire. Sorry, but I’m out on Andrew Luck.

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