Review: Euphoria

HBO releases a new show starring Zendaya. This is a new sort of role for Zendaya, less of the goody two shoes, more of the drug sniffing, high school con artist type. We start with Zendaya on whatever sorts of drugs that I have never even dreamed of. I’m going to start this show with a solid 7.2 out of 10.

First off, HBO, so I mean there are plenty of boobs, and I mean at the very least that’s a good start. For all the guys who read this, I’m sure you’ve seen a couple pornos, but when you see an unexpected tit on a TV show it might as well be in person. It’s a surprise boob. SURPRISE!

But let’s get down to the show. We got your classic 20-something-year-olds playing 15 year-olds. That makes for a better show and it allows us to not feel so bad when we watch the 15 year old lose her virginity to the dad bod version of McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy. Missed that motherfucker by the way. After he died in Grey’s, the show might as well have ended. When he shoved the 15 year-old girls face into a pillow as he stuffed her from behind while they were enjoying a romantic night in a motel 6, I actually felt like I wanted to turn it off. Not a huge fan of statutory rape on television, so that knocked a point off for me but I powered through.

This show is about a group of high school kids who are really fucked up in the head because of a bunch of reasons, dying parents, leaving parents, parents who don’t care etc. They all are struggling with growing up. They do an awful lot of drugs and fuck each other like rabbits. Recently, I heard someone say that this show was an accurate depiction of high school and kids in this generation. I’m not sure if I missed something but, this was NOT my version of high school. Drugs, I was afraid of them. Sex, didn’t even know how to make my penis work in front of a girl. Parties, had one and still feel bad about it. So if this is an accurate depiction of high school, I really fucking missed out.

When you watch this show, you should be looking for a decent story line with a lot of twists, turns and ridiculous drama. If you’re into that, I think you’ll like this show. Think Gossip Girl but you actually get to watch the sex, it’s more violent and they curse. It is fun to watch and makes you laugh, cringe, and probably will make some people cry eventually. Or if you like boobs, you could definitely turn this show on and catch a pair or two each episode I’m sure. I’m going to stick with this show and watch the whole season. Let me know what y’all think of it.

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