Being A Yankee Fan

People hate the Yankees. It’s no surprise with the amount of money the team pays out to some of the greatest players there ever were. I get that we are never really going to be “underdogs” with the salary we have, but to me, it sure as hell feels like it. One side of my family roots for the Met’s and the other roots for the Yankees. I’ve grown up feeling the hate they had watching the Yankees win pennant after pennant. The good part about living in New York was just that. Although half of the New Yorkers hated the Yankees, the other half loved them.

Being outside of New York, I now realize everyone hates the Yankees. There is no half of the population out here that likes the Yankees. I was at the bar last night and felt the reality of this when I walked in with my Yankees hat and Bronx Bombers t-shirt. I was heckled within an 5 minutes of being inside the bar. One guy immediately started chastising me as soon as I walked in. The guy is telling me, “the Yankees don’t belong here,” “Aaron Judge isn’t an MVP with all these strikeouts,” and “They’re lucky the ump is calling all these strikes.” I wanted to tell the guy, “listen you fuck, the Yankees are here in the ALCS with the other team, what the fuck do you mean they don’t belong here?” Instead I just said, “oh yeah? Where’s your team?” To which he replied “waiting for your to play in the World Series.” Okay sir, you may have got me here, but I’ll get you back. Mark my words.

Another guy came over to me and actually whispered in my ear and said “the Yankees suck.” This one just really creeped me out. I’m not sure why he felt like he needed to whisper this in my ear. This guy had to be at least 50 years old. It just seemed like an odd way of expressing your feelings toward my team choice.

Most of the bar was rooting for the Astros. Actually, let me rephrase that. Most of the bar was rooting AGAINST the Yankees. People were yelling and screaming about it. The only guy who was rooting for the Yankees was this guy who was seemingly annoyed by the first man who was heckling me.

This man was very drunk by the end of the game, and got really fired up when the Yankees lost. He put his arm around my shoulder like we were friends and continued reaming into me. So, finally I was about to get my revenge. His wife was visibly pissed off about how drunk he was. He was at that point of belligerency where you don’t care about the amount of trouble you’re going to be in the morning. Nothing seems to matter except trying not fall over. He was cooked. Roasted. Toasted. Lit up like a Christmas Tree. His wife was trying to drag him out of the bar and it was clear he didn’t want to leave but he was about to cave. So, I baited him right in front of his wife. So, like any good New Yorker, I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. I through my arm around his shoulder, yelled to the bartender, “two shots of Jameson,” and watched the hilarity ensue. She starts hollering at him and tried to grab his keys. That’s when they really got into a fight. She pointed at him and said, “don’t you take that shot.” I looked at her, looked back at him, clinked glasses and watched him down his shot. She grabbed his keys and stormed out. I looked at the guy next to me and smiled. I’m fairly certain he knew how diabolical this was. You may have won game 6, but enjoy sleeping on the couch asshole.

So, to all the Yankee haters, keep fueling the fire. The Yankees have won 27 World Series being the most hated team in America and they’re only going to win more. I want to thank the good lord for making me a Yankee [fan]. So, while your team enjoys golf the Bronx Bombers go back to work tonight. Let’s go Yankees!

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