Las Vegas Tragedy: Can We Keep Going?

Last night, a tragedy occurred. An act of cowardice on unsuspecting people attending a country festival. The somber feel, the cold brisk morning, reminds me of the morning of 9/11 and waiting to hear that my father was going to come home. You try to go out and enjoy your life but it just seems as though no place is safe. Why is it that people want to terrorize us, destroy our sanity, and create angst among us? I don’t think we will ever have the answer.

This morning, I was listening to the radio and someone said that festivals are still a safe place. He also said that we cannot stop enjoying entertainment because of these tragedies. I think that this man was right and wrong. Nowhere will ever be safe but that doesn’t mean we should stop going.

Festivals are not a safe place. Malls are not a safe place. Hospitals are not a safe place. We are no longer safe in our own home. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. The world we created; a world of fear, anxiety, disdain, and outright hatred. Yet for some reason, we haven’t given up.

There’s something in humans that allows us to push forward despite the worst happening. We all have experienced terrible things, and my thoughts go out to every family affected by this awful event. We all still keep going. No matter how deep the pain, no matter how horrible the storm, no matter how terrified we are, we walk out of our houses each day and try again. We try to enjoy our day, our week, our life, even if it is Monday again. We go to work teach our children that the sun will always come up and we help our elderly know that they will never be left alone to suffer by themselves. Whether you know it or not, we work each day to make this world a better place. Despite living in a world where people want to instill fear, we walk out of our front doors every day and show courage. Anxious because of every tragedy that could occur, we keep telling ourselves, not today. Living in a world filled with hatred, we find a way to show love and respect for people close to us. We band together to donate blood and food, make sure that people we know are okay, or be there for a friend or someone who needs us.

We cannot let tragedy stop us from living. We have to keep enjoying every aspect of our life. Enjoy that you might be sitting in traffic on your way home today. Say good morning to the person who doesn’t hold the door to Starbucks for you. Love your family and friends and talk to them every day. Don’t tell yourself, “I’ll just talk to them in the morning.” Death is imminent. So, live today because there is no guarantee. There is no life insurance that will give you a few extra seconds to say goodbye. Don’t let fear drive your life. Your love for what you do on each every day should drive your life. Your ability to criticize and change the world should drive you on each and every day. Once you stop going, trying, and putting on a brave face, they win. These lunatics, can’t break us. People are not unfixable. People are not weak. We all will keep going no matter what life throws at us. We are Boston Strong, we are Long Island Strong, we are Vegas Strong, we are America strong, we are strong as humans who come together to weather the storm. That’s why we will keep going to festivals, sports games, work, restaurants, hospitals, and everywhere we have been going for our entire lives.

My thoughts go out to anyone affected by this tragedy, some more than others. This is something we are all affected by and should all be affected by. Live in the wake of death. Everyday can be better or worse than the next, but we get to decide how we are going to keep living. They don’t decide. We decide. Because we are humans. Looking in the face of thousands and thousands of years or torture, terrorism, and war, we wake up every day and sometimes we just smile. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry. But we can never allow someone to decide how we are going to feel. I said before, that we will never know why people want to terrorize us, but I realize that I can’t control that no matter what I do. I can control how I will continue to live, don’t live in fear, live in spite of fear. When you get home today, show some love and create some happiness, because that is the most courageous thing you can do living in a world where terror is waiting at every turn. There is something good about every day, whether it be someone making you laugh, the sun shining down, or a kiss from someone you love. A wackjob with a gun can think he’s taking that away from us, but fuck him, and keep going because we’re here for a good time, not a long time.

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