This is how they Repay you

The other morning I was out for a walk before work. I do the same path every day. I walk behind my apartment complex and it leads to a little shopping center that I pass. This specific morning it was early, about 5 am. I see that a truck had been broken into. There was glass everywhere. The doors were open. Shit was everywhere. As I was walking, I debated what I should do. I mean, the robbery already happened, should I even bother calling the police? I don’t know what the protocol is on that. I didn’t want to call 911 because I felt like they’d think I was an idiot. It obviously wasn’t an emergency. I really didn’t want to call anyone at all. It’s not my fucking business what happens in this shopping center, so what do I give a shit.

I ended up deciding to call the police department itself, instead of the emergency number. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I call up and after a lot of button clicking and redirecting, I finally get to speak with a human being. I tell her my name and say, “hey, I’m just out walking the dog and I saw a car had been broken into and basically destroyed on the corner of etc etc. So, she says, “hmm, hold on one second.” She comes back and says that’s right outside of the area we care for so you should call the other police department. I said, “I already tried that department, they’re not open until 8.” She then tells me, “ok, well then you can call back at 8 and report it.” I ask her, “if it was in my complex would you come see?” She responds, “well, yes that’s part of Henderson police jurisdiction.” So you mean when I literally step 25 ft out of the conplex you can’t come help? Super comforting.

What the fuck is wrong with this woman. Does she actually think I’m going to just again, waste my time to make this phone call again? It’s not even my fucking car. You try to the do the right thing and this is what happens. So, I said, “look lady, I’m not calling anyone else, do whatever you want with this information, but I’ve done my part as a concerned citizen.” I don’t give a shit enough to call again. I barely cared enough to call the first time. I mean the two cities that I live between might as well be one. It baffled me that she couldn’t do anything at all. She would rather me wait for three hours.

I guess its just a car theft so it’s not that big of a deal. I just wonder what I would’ve done if it was actually my car. I obviously wouldn’t have waited until 8. I would’ve called 911 and said, “we have an emergency, the woman over at Henderson dispatch is a fucking moron. What are we going to do about that?”

People really are doing the opposite of what Robert Frost said. No one is taking the path less traveled. People are taking the path of least resistance and for this lady, it was the ‘do nothing’ path.

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I'm just a guy, who really is trying to figure out what the move is.

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