Twisted News Thursday

I write a lot about nothing. Mostly everything I write is nothing. Today, I decided to write about something more substantial. I’m adding a little bit of a news column to this blog. I’m going to take the most fucked up, ridiculous, and twisted piece of news and write how I feel about it. This week, I picked something up off of the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Today, I want to talk about Scott Dozier. He is what they describe as an “American Criminal.” Pretty weak standard for “American Criminal” if you ask me. When I think “American Criminal,” I think about Benny Eggs or Lucky Luciano. I even think of Bugsy Siegel. These people are criminals. If you don’t know who they are, look them up somewhere. You’ll understand what I mean. They are the OG, if you will.

I hear the word criminal, I think of someone smart. I don’t think of a meth dealer, who kills off his low-level dealers for a measly $12,000.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I could use $12,000. It wouldn’t be measly to me. But that’s exactly what this man did.

Scott Dozier killed, 22-year-old, Jeremiah Miller. Jeremiah Miller was one of his “drug associates.” Drug associates is the word they used in the article, not sure why. So, despite it being wrong that he was killed, I don’t feel badly. I would be lying if I said I feel that way. It’s not my place to say someone deserves to be killed and I don’t know this guy’s back story. If you’re meeting a meth dealer, in the parking lot of a place called La Concha, you must’ve considered there was at least a chance you only had a few hours left to live.

So, Scott ends up killing Jeremiah Miller. They think he shot him, but they really don’t know. Not because they didn’t find the body, no, they found the body. They found the body alright. It was sawed into pieces and stuffed in a suitcase, outside an apartment complex in West Vegas.

First off, a real “criminal” would have done a better job of hiding a body, I assume. This guy was just a wackjob who was so narcissistic, that he didn’t even care if anyone found the body. He didn’t care if a kid found it, a woman found it, a man found it, or even if the police found it. Second, what was the point of cutting this guys into a couple pieces if not to hide the evidence? There wasn’t a point. He’s obviously a real sociopath. Not the kind of sociopath described in the beloved show Seinfeld. A real, sawing bodies type of sociopath.

Now, the part that is really interesting is that Scotty is scheduled to die on November 14th of this year. Despite not believing in the death penalty, there is one thing that bothered me about him. And it bothered me more than him chopping up his 22-year-old companion. When his date of death was assigned, he had the audacity to ask the judge, “what do I need to be mentally prepared for?” Listen SCOTT, when you chopped up Miller, did you stop and say, “hold on kid, you should be prepared for me to shoot you and then chop you up into undefinable pieces?” No, because, we aren’t supposed to see death coming. We aren’t supposed to have to “mentally prepare” for our own death. That is torture in itself. You didn’t give that meth-loving jerk off an explanation. Why should you get a description of what it’s going to be like if you didn’t give this poor fuck an explanation. What should you expect when you get your lethal cocktail? I don’t really\ know but my mother always said, “It’s all fun in games, until someone saws a motherfucker in half.”

Nevada inmate asks how he should mentally prepare for execution

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