Sports with Friends

I don’t know a ton about sports. I know Lebron is the best basketball player. I know the Tom Brady is the GOAT. And I know everybody hates the Yankees, but I love them. I also know that everyone loves sports. From the most annoying fans to the people who just come for the dip, sports bring all of us together.

Despite it sounding like we’re all happier being together, there is one person that I despise when I’m watching sports. That’s the one person who just screams and yells and argues even though they know nothing. Its the guy or girl who wants to argue with you because they heard 15 seconds of sportscenter and want to tell you all about it. I don’t want to be this person, but I do want to add a little variety to this blog.

That’s when I realized I clearly don’t know enough about sports to do that alone. Every weekend, I have to ask someone to go over my fantasy lineup. I rather listen to Howard Stern than Boomer and Carton. Or as I was informed today, just Boomer, secondary to some gambling issues on Carton’s part. I haven’t had cable in 4 years, so I haven’t seen a baseball game in quite a while. I think the only reason I watch football is because it’s once a week. I get a serious case of FOMO when I don’t watch because 90% of America spends a portion of their Sunday watching football. But that’s all going to change now fuckers. We’re going to talk about some sports.

It would take me a serious amount of research to write about sports by myself. Frankly, I do enough research at work. I love tailgating, dip, wings, and beer. I also fucking love writing. But I don’t want to write about sports alone. I need some help That’s why I’m starting ‘Sports with Friends.’ I’ve asked a combination of family and friends who I think could write about sports. If it doesn’t work out, I probably won’t give a shit. I’ll just hypocritically write about what a bad idea it was.

Due to this change in the blog, I’m going to be a little more organized. Check in on Monday mornings at 7 and Wednesday evenings at 5 for some bullshit about sports. Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday morning at 7, and every other Friday morning, you’ll be hearing from me. So tune in and check it the fuck out folks.

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I'm just a guy, who really is trying to figure out what the move is.

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