Group Chats

With the advancement of technology has come an advancement of stupidity. The more technology thinks for us, the less we have to use our brains. Honestly, the length of this blog would be far too long to even hold your interest if we discussed pros and cons of technology.

The one thing I do want to discuss is group chats. Despite being annoying, I would have to say that they have come a long way. As long as everyone has an iPhone, there’s no message downloading, freezing, or receiving several messages. So, they have been overall helpful to me. I get to keep in touch with groups of friends I don’t see anymore.

Here is the part about group chats that bother me. The people in them. There is always one person in the group chat that really likes to fuck with everything. This person doesn’t answer any questions directly. He/she never commits to a plan. If he or she does answer a question, they make a joke out of it. It’s never one person either, it’s whoever feels like being an asshole that day.

It’s annoying because then everyone dog piles. Everyone starts making jokes and nothing gets solved. The plan never gets made. Would you do this in real life? If I asked you in real life to answer a question, would you give me the same retarded answer?

The worst part about it, is that in general the person does this in order to avoid saying that they definitely don’t want any part of your plan. And hey, that’s fine, if you don’t want to come, don’t come. Don’t try to change the conversation topic so that you can avoid the question altogether. It’s the opposite of helpful.

This is the same for Facebook groups or events. You create this event, which is essentially an E-invite, otherwise known as an electronic invite. People just ignore these things. If you sent the damn thing in the mail, people fucking take the time to write on the RSVP, seal it in an envelope and mail it at the post office. This whole process takes at least 45 minutes. Clicking yes or no on the invite is too hard for people apparently. I mean fucking Facebook went as far as giving people the option to write maybe. You might come? Fuck you, you might come. Come or don’t, just nut up and tell us what you’re going to do.

Moral of the story, don’t be a little bitch. Commit or don’t commit. Don’t continuously leave people hanging. Decisions are easy to make. Whether they’re good or bad decisions, I don’t really give a shit. No decision is worse than a bad decision. A bad decision puts you in bed with someone you don’t want to be in bed with, but at least you’re in bed with someone. No decision puts you in your bed alone. So the choice is yours, choose wisely.


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