The Psychic

So, today I had someone tell me about her daughter’s visit to a psychic. She told me all about how the psychic basically laid out the next 5 years for this poor son of a bitch. I just really can’t fathom that people believe what these psychics say. I truly feel like people go to these psychics because they’re a little bit lost in life. I can understand that. But the psychic can literally say whatever they want and you just believe it. Otherwise, why would you be going? Like I said, these people can say whatever the fuck they want. They could be having a bad day and be like fuck it, let me tell this girl she needs to break up with her boyfriend before something bad happens or let me tell this dude his job is going to fire him. I’m not trying to sit here and shit on anyone’s beliefs or anything but this just sounds completely outrageous.

If we had people among us that could read minds or the future, don’t you think they might have a better job than working in some little psychic shack? If people were talking to the dead on a daily basis, tell me what the fuck happened to Amelia Earhart or what Lee Harvey Oswald was thinking when he killed JFK. Would they not work for the government? Maybe they do, what do I know? I’ve heard tons of stories about how there were huge coincidences after people went to a psychic, and all I can say is that there are definitely lots of coincidences in the world. I mean fuck, yesterday I parked my car next to someone at my job who had a Cortland Dance Team sticker on her car. I don’t believe that this was some kind of sign of some sort, I just thought wow, some other asshole, also went to Cortland and then moved her dumbass out west too.

So, I’m not saying don’t ever go to a psychic because I’m sure that no matter how stupid it is, its probably fun. But if you’re handing these people money, we should at least know that its just for entertainment, sort of like a hand job, you can pretend the person helped you out, but really you could’ve done exactly what they did all by yourself.

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8 thoughts on “The Psychic

  1. Okay number one your attitude towards psychics needs to change you can’t go around putting them down because let me tell you a little secret psychics are NOT fortune tellers. Whoever your friend saw really shouldn’t have given her a reading because for her to say she can see that far is a bit far fetched I’m an intuitive life coach and I am also a relaist meaning I guide people when I read their cards it’s based on their decisions and choices that the cards reflect up until the session I’m giving date so that means I guide people on intuition and their decisions they made now. I do Not and will Not ever say I am 100 percent accurate because the person who has the reading still has free will and can change their life path if they choose to.


  2. I get what you’re saying but you have no reason to go around calling psychics stupid heck I don’t even call myself psychic and prefer intuitive Coach


    1. I probably come off as a prick but that’s because I am. As for the psychic thing, if you’re not calling yourself a psychic then why do you care. Also, what you’re saying is that you coach people through their lives and hope they make the right decisions with free will or whatever. So, what you’re saying is that you don’t know what’s going to happen you just hope that things turn out a certain way. Just like we all do, no?


      1. No, I don’t think you’re a prick a lot of people think that about psychics I offer intuitive advice but if I say to someone “if you save money you will be out of debt ” and then they decide to say screw what I say and blow it they still have freewill. Anyone who tries to control someone’s life as a psychic should not be doing this that’s all I was saying


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