Take a Look Around People

So, yesterday I realized the full potential of the stupidity of the human race. I can imagine that everyone who reads this, has used a self check-out machine at the supermarket. Well, yesterday, I was checking out at the supermarket and I went to the self check-out with a toothbrush and some real, nice, low-grade sushi. When I got to the machine, I tapped the touch screen to get it started. Immediately, the machine starts yelling instructions at me. This is what made me realize that people really are “that dumb.” First the machine told me to swipe my “Smith’s Card,” which is just the savings card at the store I shop at. That’s fine, thanks for reminding me to save money, machine. But after that, the machine says a bunch of things such as, “please put the item in the bagging area,” “please swipe your next item,” and “are you finished with your items?” After the third instruction/question from the machine, I thought to myself, “are people so fucking dumb, that we really can’t manage using these machines without complete and total direction following?” I then realized that people must be this stupid. People must have been asking so many questions, that they had to dumb these machines down enough for people to not even have to use their brain. Then the machine starts telling me how to pay, where to put my card, how to insert it and not swipe it, and finally it ends with telling me not to forget my bags. Don’t forget my bags?? You mean the items that I literally just spent 5 minutes paying for. You don’t want me to forget them? Sure thing check-out machine. I’ll take them with me. Can you direct me back to my car?
I’m not writing this specifically to just talk about how stupid people can be (although I sort of am). My main point is that we literally act as machines as human beings. I’m not saying I’m better than all of you (I am), but just when you’re out in public, look around for a second. Enjoy the stupidity with me. Don’t always be a part of the chaos. Observe it for a minute. Watch people from a distance, not necessarily to judge them, but to literally just see how people behave. So, tomorrow on your commute to work, grocery shopping, or whatever you fuckers do, take a look around. You’ll enjoy it, I’ll tell you that for free.

Published by Your Cousin Vinny

I'm just a guy, who really is trying to figure out what the move is.

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