Car Problems

So since I’ve made my trek across the country to Vegas, every time I get an oil change they proceed to give me a list of a thousand things wrong with my car. Naturally I ignore them because as long as the oils clean the car is fine, right? Well, apparently not. I finally decided to take my car to Jeep to get some of this shit fixed, the rack and minion, my shaft, serendipity belt, you know, car parts and mechanic language. So last week I drop my car off for two days, and on the second day he tells me he can’t fix everything because he has to order parts. Well ok, I thought at least something was done. They of course fixed all of the shit that wasn’t covered by the warranty and left the other stuff for another time. So I go in to pick up the car and he tells me to bring it back next Wednesday (which was yesterday). So I drop it off yesterday morning and they ask me if I want a rental car. Naturally I have to say no because at age 24 they wanted to charge me $75 a day for a car with manual windows. So fuck that. I’ll just Uber everywhere.
They call me last night and tell me the job will push into today. That’s fine I figured, just one more day without a car. This morning I get a call from the guy telling me they won’t be able to finish it today. I ask him why and he replies, “Well we just started replacing such and such part and it’s stuck so we had to cut it off.” He starts going more in depth but I had to stop him. “You just started taking the part off, what the fuck did you do yesterday?” I questioned. “Well we had to uhm” and again I stopped him and replied, “Sir you told me the car would be ready yesterday, why wasn’t the job started yesterday?” He started getting annoyed and changed the topic to starting to explain what would happen next. Essentially there were two different jobs that needed to be done on my car this week. The one they just started and the one I will explain in a moment. He told me the part would be here tomorrow and promised it would be done. Fine, I let my temper settle and just said thank you call me tomorrow.

Not ten minutes later he calls me back. “Well sir, you’re not gonna be happy with me” he stupidly mumbles through the phone. I said, “What now?” He reports to me that because of the rust on the other part of the car, He needs to order more parts and they wouldn’t come until next week. About to jump down the guys throat, I slow myself down and ask “so what does this mean, can I still pick it up tomorrow?” “Well no we’re gonna need you to bring the car again,” he reports. He then goes into detail about the reasoning which basically was because of rust. He then states to me, “well our head engineer figures your car is probably from the east coast.” I respond, “Oh yeah did he figure that out from the New York registration, the New York inspection, or the New York State trooper sticker in the window?” He then says, “I think he just noticed all the rust.”This guy must be a real fucking genius.

At this point I’m losing my mind so I just tell him I’ll see him at 1 to pick up the car and hang up. We can’t all be idiots but we’re definitely surrounded by them. Stay tuned for an update next week.

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