The Price

I was listening to Howard Stern this morning and they were discussing the average age in America. They said that 95% of people will die between the ages of 60 and 90. Makes sense, right? But that’s a pretty wide gap. A 90 year-old gets 50% more life than the 60 year-old. So what is life really worth? Not in a weird, fucked-up, dark way, but objectively. What is time truly worth? Would you sell a couple minutes? Hours? Days? Weeks? A year? It doesn’t seem like a lot to shave off some seconds here and there. What’s an extra sixty seconds? I bet if you ask a mother what holding her child felt like for the first minute, she wouldn’t trade minutes. At least not that minute Ask any athlete about the sixty seconds after winning a championship. They aren’t going to trade those seconds. Unfortunately, it would be too easy if we could trade minutes from the past. I’d give away a couple very hungover mornings. The fact of the matter is, in my head the only way this could make sense, is if we sold future moments. Unused events, feelings and emotions. No one wants your shitty old memories. They are worth nothing. Well, except to you of course. Our memories are truly only important to us. The future experiences are what people would buy from you.

So let’s get back to the 60 year-old and 90 year-old. So a minute of a person who dies at 60 is potentially worth more than the minute of a man who dies at 90, right? That can’t be true though, a man who dies at 60 might feel differently. He might trade a lot for some of the 90 year-old’s life. The 90 year-old may think “hey I’ve lived 90 fucking years, maybe I need a couple extra minutes.” But who knows, maybe the 90 year old has a lot more to live for than we know.

Each person values age at a different “so-called” price, no matter what age. We can all say we love life the same and everyone truly appreciates every waking moment. But let’s be straight here for just a minute. I’m not saying people are of different values, but the value of life is different to everyone.

I think if someone told me if I sold a day to them, I would get free beer for a year I’d say yes. I don’t think that’s a bad trade. I’ll probably end up winning out on that. I think a day of my life is worth free beer for a year, no? Yeah I’m not really too sure. But think about it. What price do you really value a moment?

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