Odd restaurant requests

I used to work in a restaurant so I’ve heard the most bizarre requests out there. Usually, the requests in some way benefit the person. I get it, we all want the most we can get for our money. A patient was telling me about how she went out to lunch at one of the casinos this week. It was one of the buffets. Before I tell you about her complaint, let’s talk about how she steals from the buffet. She told me that she and her husband go to the buffet and fill Ziploc bags with the food from the buffet. She said they mostly steal the meat because then they have meat for the week. So let’s talk about what she complained to the waiter about. She called the waiter over because she couldn’t finish all of the water in her glass. She could have asked for a to-go cup but no. She asked the waiter if they could think about getting smaller glasses because they are wasting water. Like, really?! The fucking water glasses that’s the problem. It’s a fucking buffet. They are literally wasting an incredibly large amount of food and you’re worried about the sips of water. Like what the fuck. Why do people even think of things like that. I hope when I’m older I don’t pick things like that to be annoyed with. Although, it seems like I’m heading that way with this blog. Stay tuned..

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I'm just a guy, who really is trying to figure out what the move is.

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