Sharing is Caring

From a very young age we are taught that sharing what we have is always a good thing, whether it is with the less fortunate or our friends. The questions is where do we draw the line. When do we say, “wait a second, I don’t want to share that.” Well let’s try to draw that line today. Last night my roommates friend came to stay at my house which is obviously no big deal. I don’t mind sharing a bathroom, the living room, the kitchen, or even my iron that he asked for. Let me ask you something though. This guy comes in and asks to borrow my nail clipper. Come on man, I don’t want you to clip your damn toenails and then I might get some fungus you have. So I tell him I’ll look for it because at this point I’m like fuck it I’ll just get a new one. But then he has the audacity to say “I got this real nasty hangnail on my toe that I really gotta dig out.” Now I’m like ok fuck even if I give this guy the damn thing hes going to hand it back to me and I’m going to have to touch it. This is the line I’m talking about people. This is where we have to say NO. GO get your own clipper you weirdo. So I pretended to look for it and naturally I couldn’t find it. But should I even had to of answered that. He should’ve never asked. That’s like asking to borrow a pair of socks and then just giving them back. No I’m not gonna share my damn socks. Like if you need the socks that badly, just keep them. There’s just a line people. It may not be the clearest line but figure it out. Just know if you’re putting it on your feet, I’m most likely not sharing it with you, because I’ll probably have to burn it after. So when you think to yourself “sharing is caring”, think again. Asking someone to share is selfish. Get your own shit.

Published by Your Cousin Vinny

I'm just a guy, who really is trying to figure out what the move is.

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