The Tailor

I’m sure everyone has been to a tailor before. I always have to get pants hemmed. I went to the dry cleaners yesterday to drop some clothes off and I figured I’d get a pair of pants hemmed while I was there. So I walk in hand them my clothes and everything and then tell the guy about the pants. So he proceeds to ask me “how much do you want off the pants.” So I answered back “I don’t know the right amount.” So he calls the manager over and she asks the same question to which I respond “I don’t know I’m a short fat guy and the pants are long I want them shorter.” The woman obviously was not going to measure me as she asked next “what size are you?” she never actually measured me. So she’s basically going to guess how the pants are going to look on me. I’ve never had pants tailored like this. I’ve never not had them measured. I don’t know why people aren’t smart. I can’t answer that. I can tell you that I’m very well aware that these pants are not going to fit me when I go back, either that or they’ll look like fucking bell bottoms. I just don’t understand how no on else has ever been confused by this at her business. No one else ever wonders why they don’t get measured. Maybe I should have walked out. I probably should have. But they already had my shirts so was I really going to say you’ll probably fuck up the pants so I’ll just leave the shirts. I’m really interested in how this is going to turn out so I guess we’ll just have to see. I am excited to try the pants on in the store though so that when they don’t fit, she knows what she did.

Published by Your Cousin Vinny

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