Birthday blues

So everyone loves birthdays right? Spending time with people who like us and celebrating your life yada yada (Seinfeld Reference). But tell me; what is worse than people who you don’t know singing happy birthday to you. Throughout college my birthday was always on weird holidays so I’ve spent a few holidays alone. AND let me tell you… there is NOTHING better then going out to dinner by yourself and ordering a shit ton of food and not having to share it. Don’t get me wrong if my friends or family are around I’d rather spend it with them, but for some reason that’s not usually the case for me. So I was excited that my girlfriend decided to come to Las Vegas this year for it. SO back to what I was talking about. I’ve purposefully been avoiding the birthday conversation at work. No one actually likes being sung happy birthday. Only a real wack job would enjoy a sitting down while a bunch of people crowd around him/her and sing to them. Where did that little ritual even start. Was someone really just like, gather round peasants sing to me for this is the day I was pushed out of my mother’s uterus. After I typed that, I actually realized there’s probably some truth to that. Well anyway, my boss called me into her office today and asked me when my birthday was. At this point there’s no turning back. I truly do like my boss and the people I work with, but now there’s nothing more I’m dreading than getting hugs from people at 8 in the morning. I thought that might be the worst and then it would be kind of over for the day. Then she asked me what kind of cake I like. I love cake as much as the next guy. Actually I pretty much just like cheese cake and ice cream cake. But now I have to get sung too also. I appreciate the thought, I truly do. But as far as celebrations go, getting sung to for that 17 seconds will be something I dread for the next 24 days.

Published by Your Cousin Vinny

I'm just a guy, who really is trying to figure out what the move is.

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